review: lashed out with younique moodstruck 3d fiber lash

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Mascara. It’s the inevitable struggle and I have a plethora of  tubes in my makeup drawer with various promises including length, volume, smudge-proofing, resisting water and conditioning to prove it. One’s preference in mascara is as personal as politics or religion, in my opinion. What might work for some, might not work for others. To add to the stress of finding ‘the one’, we’re enticed and (for some) burdened with the option of false lashes which can turn something that seems so simple into a grueling beauty ordeal. Even as a makeup artist, I’m pretty basic in my personal regimen, and while applying lashes on a client is easy as pie for me to do, applying them to myself can be a hilarious sight to see. I rarely do it and it’s hit or miss when it comes to nailing it on the first try.


Enter Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. I was sent this product to try out and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. While it’s apparently been an Instagram success (there are an endless amount of before and afters), I had never heard of the brand, nevertheless this specific product. It piqued my curiosity so I thought I’d give it a go.


The Breakdown

The mascara comes in a case that is similar to a spectacle case, and inside there are two tubes. The first is the Transplanting Gel; an opaque, black gel that is quite similar in consistency to a traditional mascara. The second is the Natural Fibers; a dry, uber-fibrous consistancy with a very dense and short bristled wand.



How It Works

(It works best to do all the steps on one eye at a time)

1. Apply a coat of the Transplanting Gel.

2. While the Transplanting Gel is still wet, apply (carefully) the Natural Fibers.

3. Apply a final coat of the Transplanting Gel to seal it all in.


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Top- no product, Middle- One coat of Moodstruck system, Bottom-Two coats of Moodstruck system


Tricks + Tips

  • You can apply a coat of your favourite mascara first and let it dry before doing this over top. Personally, I found it a little too clumpy on mine, but others swear by it.
  • You can do the steps a few times to up the ante.
  • When applying the Natural Fibers, try to avoid getting too close to the base of the lashes. I found my eyes got very irritated when some of the fibers got in my upper waterline.
  • A waterproof makeup remover works best to remove. While this is NOT a waterproof product, the fibers coat the lashes well and need a more thorough removal.


The Conclusion

This product actually blew my mind; it’s like false lashes without the hassle! It may have ruined me for other mascaras that promise a more dramatic look. That being said, I can’t wear this everyday because I find it feels like there can be a bit of buildup on the lashes. If you wanted this for daily wear, I’d recommend you use a oil-based pre-cleanser (something like Dermalogica’s Precleanse) to help thoroughly remove the product while conditioning the lashes.

I’ve tried plenty of two step fiber mascaras from other lines, but this one is definitely the best I’ve come across. I would repurchase this without any hesitation.

If you would like to pick up the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara, you can purchase online here.

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urban decay electric palette: chaos and blues

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Make Up Forever HD Foundation in 125

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette in Medium

Smashbox Contour Palette

TIGI eyeshadow in Black & Brown (brows)


MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

UD eyeshadow in Chaos (lid)

TIGI eyeshadow in Black (outer corner/crease)

UD eyeshadow in Revolt (tear duct)

UD eyeshadow in Jilted (lower lashline)

UD eyeshadow in Urban (outer corner of lower lashline)

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black


MAC lipstick in Blankety

beautyADDICTS Lip Addiction lipgloss in Pin Up

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urban decay electric palette: chartreuse with a twist

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MAC Face & Body Foundation in C4

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette in Medium

Smashbox Contour Palette

Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter

MAC eyeshadow in Brun (brows)


UD eyeshadow in Trash (lid)

UD eyeshadow in Smog [from Naked 1 palette] (crease/outer corner/lower lashline)

MAC eyeshadow in Brun (outer corner)

UD eyeshadow in Revolt (tear duct)

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara in Very Black


Ritual lipstick in Siena

MAC lipstick in Blankety (over top)

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urban decay electric palette: burning savage



Okay, so I’m in absolute L-O-V-E with the latest palette from Urban Decay; the Electric palette. Ten pressed pigments that are busting with rich,  saturated, bright shades – it’s like a makeup holy grail (well, for those of us who love ass-kicking shades of neon, at least).

When I picked this up, I was surprised to hear from the salesperson that the palette wasn’t flying off the shelf. It seems that while potential buyers certainly stopped to pay attention to it, they were hesitant to buy because the colours intimidated them. And yes, while it’s easy for me to say “Really?! C’mon people, what’s the problem?”, I forget sometimes that I am definitely a bit more savvy with taking a few risks with colours such as these in comparison to those who are more on the makeup rookie level. That being said, if there are any of you ‘rookies’ out there reading and are in this boat, fret not young makeup Jedis. This palette isn’t necessarily designed for ALL the colours to be worn at once (granted, for those bold enough to rock them all at once, I say go for it). While the series of looks I’ll be posting featuring this palette may not be for everyone, know that one could easily use a shade or two from the Electric palette paired with some neutral shades to make it more ‘wearable’ based on personal preference and style.

Without further ado, I’ll get into the first of my series of three makeup looks using Electric by Urban Decay.


Photo 2014-05-06, 10 54 02 AM



MAC Face & Body Foundation in C4

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette in Medium

Smashbox Contour Palette

MAC eyeshadow in Brun (brows)


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

UD eyeshadow in Slowburn (lids/lower lashline)

UD eyeshadow in Savage (crease)

MAC eyeshadow in Fig 1 (outer corner/lower lashline)

UD eyeshadow in Thrash (tear duct)

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara in Very Black


MAC lipstick in Hug Me


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style: getting fresh with fresh collective




Last month I was approached by a lovely friend of mine, Terri-Leigh, who works at Fresh Collective to collaborate on a style profile for their blog. I was both flattered and excited by this so I obviously couldn’t say no to the opportunity. Any excuse for Miss TL to dress me up in pretty things, really; the girl has amazing style.



If you aren’t familiar with Fresh Collective, you should do yourself a favour and check them out immediately if you love fashion and beautiful clothes in general. Their three locations (in Kensington, Roncesvalles and Queen West, respectively) specialize in independent Toronto designers and carry not only clothes, but fabulous shoes and accessories. Not only do their staff know how to dress a woman’s body to a tee, they also offer personalized style services and wardrobe makeovers for those looking for a more in-depth shopping experience. I got a taste of it while I was getting styled for the photo shoot, and let me tell you that it’s incredible having someone just look at your body and know how to dress it…and well!


You can find out more on Fresh Collective and details on the specific designers they carry in-house, here.


As for my style profile that FC featured, I was really pleased with how it turned out. I loved all the outfits I got to parade around in, and working with Terri-Leigh was a delight (obviously…she’s awesome).  To check out the profile for yourself, click the link below and do yourself a favour and go visit Terri-Leigh at the Kensington location; she’ll make you look marvellous!

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makeup quickie: addicted to love

Photo 2014-04-09, 3 40 31 PM



I’m pretty sure at one point or another I wanted to be a Robert Palmer girl. Those lips, those eyes; makeup so deliciously and glamorously eighties that we barely paid attention to their awful ‘air guitar’ skills. Mind you, the exact look today would be rendered quite dated but the guts behind the original look is still quite relevant in current makeup trends. Smoky eye? Yes. Statement lip? Heck yes!

So I got inspired to create a wearable Robert Palmer-esque face that is current and not so hardcore in order to be appropriate for a daytime look. I nixed the glossy red lips for a matte orange, and opted to chill out the smoky eye with a neutral palette and pair it with a bold brow instead.

Here’s how I did it.

Photo 2014-04-09, 3 52 00 PM


MAC Face & Body Foundation in C1 & C4 (applied with a beauty blender)

MAC Concealer Palette in Medium

Makeup Forever HD Powder

Smashbox Contour Palette

TIGI eyeshadows in Black & Chocolate (brows)


Urban Decay eyeshadow in Liar (lid)

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Darkside (outer corner + lower lashline)

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Nooner (crease)

Too Faced eyeshadow in Marshmallow (tear duct)

TIGI eyeshadow in Chocolate (outer corner)

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’Express  mascara in Blackest Black


Ritual lipstick in Siena

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review: fake it with st. tropez





Winter Woe #235: Pasty skin.

It’s an inevitable burden thanks to Mother Nature forcing us to be on what seems like permanent house arrest and longing for warmer weather and a little sunshine on our face. I know some of you out there find solace from the frigid season in the dreaded tanning bed. I’ll tell you now and forever, as a skin specialist AND as someone who anal retentively takes care of her skin like a Faberge Egg, that the aforementioned approach is both terribly dangerous, unhealthy and with alternatives like the one I’m about to tell you about, unnecessary. I’ll be honest and admit that my experience using any self tanning products on myself  is slim to none. I’ve either been complacent with my level of pastiness or have been concerned with which shade of Snooki I’d end up.

Enter St. Tropez.

I had heard of this line a long while ago and it wasn’t until I ended up at my current place of work that I saw the results of these products first hand. The Self Tan family of products is the longest lasting and leaves the skin with a gorgeous bronze glow; very much a natural looking colour. Point one for St. Tropez. I realized that they also had a wash off formula that allowed me the option to have that tanned look for a special event or just for those days I was feeling an extra level of ghost, wintery white. I grabbed myself a bottle of the Wash Off Instant Glow face formula and the experimentation with self tanning began.

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Product Name:

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Face

What It Does:

This lightweight and hydrating tinted gel formula gives your face an instant tanned look that won’t transfer, has no tanning agents and washes off with normal facial cleanser.

How To Use:

You can use this on it’s own or mixed into your favourite moisturizer or foundation. Avoiding the eye area, apply in upward and circular motions to allow an even application, making sure it is absorbed thoroughly. You will notice immediately how much more tanned the skin looks. Wash your hands after application as it will stain.

How I Did It:

I mixed the St. Tropez in with some Embryolisse Cream and applied it onto my face and neck. I have used this both in combination with moisturizer and on its own. I have yet to mix it in with my foundation, although I imagine the results are amazing. My favourite method of applying it though, was the moisturizer combo; it was so easy to blend in and great for those mornings I don’t want to fuss about. In the photo below, the end result is without any foundation applied after the St. Tropez. You can clearly see how even the coverage is and how natural the tanned finish is.

Would I Repurchase?:

Heck yes I would! I also have the Gradual Tan face formula which is lovely but I much prefer the non-committal properties of this Wash Off line. With the cost of this being under $30, it’s a no brainer that it’s worth repurchasing.

Photo 2014-03-06, 12 14 27 PM (1)

For my pasty face sisters and brothers out there, the moral of this story is to not let this uninspiring winter weather get you down. If you weren’t able to sneak away down south for a little tropical therapy, why not fake it with St. Tropez.


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